Brain Bytes (B²) is a place where students at Lambton College in Mississauga share a unique collaborative space to spread ideas, discuss course materials and showcase talent.

It is a club which provides you a platform to have a competitive environment where you can build your experience of various technical aspects. Brain Bytes organizes challenging technological events with exciting prizes to be won here at Lambton College Mississauga.

The B² website allows users to create a knowledge building community by showcasing talent. The Post section can be used to create articles about technology where users can read and comment on other users’ articles. We currently have five categories to categorize posts. This allows users to be more specific about the content they produce. Students from Lambton College Mississauga can not only use the website to spread ideas but also to discuss course materials. Students and teachers can post examples, clarifications, and questions on concepts taught in class unless it does not affect the academic integrity of the course.

If your goal is expanding/sharing your knowledge, you just found the place for you!